Riding the Tails of Apparel Retailers

Anyone following the radio frequency identification industry is likely aware that major retailers in Europe, North America and South America are embracing the technology to track and manage apparel and footwear, to improve inventory accuracy and provide customers with an omnichannel anytime, anywhere shopping experience. “Apparel is a proven use case” for Ultra high-frequency RFID,


Ramp’s CEO, Kevin Cohen, speaks to Microsoft about Inventory Accuracy being the Key to Success for Retailers

RFID inventory accuracy

From fish to people to clothing to trucks to mineral samples, Ramp RFID tracks them all. RFID stands for radio-frequency identification and for the past eight years Ramp RFID, which specialises in asset tracking, vehicle tracking and people tracking, has been tracking pretty well itself with a history of growth and success. After beginning its


RAIN RFID & NFC: Track, Authenticate & Communicate


On 20-21 August 2015, APSCA will organise the RAIN RFID & NFC: Track, Authenticate & Communicate conference at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane, Australia.