RAIN RFID & NFC: Track, Authenticate & Communicate

On 20-21 August 2015, APSCA will organise the RAIN RFID & NFC: Track, Authenticate & Communicate conference at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane, Australia.

Ramp’s engineering director Alastair McArthur has been invited on behalf of RAIN RFID to give delegates an overview of how RAIN RFID technology within the supply chain enhances the customer experience, supply chain efficiency and builds brand awareness and equity.

RAIN RFID & NFC in the Retail Supply Chain are key parts of the Omnichannel and the emerging Internet of Things. RAIN RFID has a long history of successful applications in the Australian supply chain enabling transparency and traceability, supporting in store promotion and authentication, enhancing product and in store security and, often combined with NFC RFID technology, generating a more connected shopping experience. Through the Omnichannel, a richer relationship can be established with the consumer and greater retailer and brand owner communication from the time they walk into a store … anywhere in the world!





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